The Aqua Project follows on from Project Nepomuk which was sponsored by the Arts Council of England in 2018.

In May 2020 Barry Gerald Webb was given a further small Arts Council grant to finish and plan a new opera/musical "Aqua: The Musical". 

"Aqua: The Musical" has been put on hold for now.

When happening this project will involve soloists and chorus singing in an "Aqua Choir". This will be an online activity during the Covid-19 crisis and singers will come from Major Tonic Choir Waterloo  plus singers invited over time from countries around the World including the USA. 

Update:12th May 2021.

A recent Arts Council application has failed and so this project has been put on hold until further notice.

A further application to the Arts Council will in  time be made to support the project going forward.

Alternitively this may be possible in the event of funds becoming available from the sale of Aquawebb Ltd associated products (lauch to be made soon).

More details to follow soon.

Major Tonic Choir continues to go forward.

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